July 14, 2020

Top 10 Best Post Pregnancy Belts In India

Ask any mother, what is the one thing that was the most difficult to deal with post-pregnancy and the most common answer you will get is ‘getting rid of the belly pouch’. Though the concept of belly wrapping is centuries old in India, it has gained new popularity in recent years when women have become more aware of how they look post pregnancy. While a ‘saree’ or a ‘dupatta’ was an obvious choice for the post-pregnancy belt in India, the whole concept has been given a new dimension by various companies who now manufacture amazing post-pregnancy shapewear to boost your confidence and help you lose all that flab from the tummy area.

Some mothers struggle for years to get in shape post-pregnancy, especially from the abdominal area. And isn’t that obvious – a new mother with a 24×7 job of taking care of a newborn can hardly find time to exercise. The extended and flabby midsection with all its loose skin can be such an eyesore for some of us. Well, not anymore – as the idea of an abdominal belt has been given a refreshing look and feel by transitioning the cloth post pregnancy belt to an aesthetically designed, ergonomically built-in shape belt or the post-pregnancy belt. SALEBESTSELLER NO. 1 9 Reviews Grasshopr – Breathable Maternity Pregnancy Back and Waist Support Belt (XL)

  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE to accommodate abdominal growth throughout pregnancy.
  • Built-in support holds the belt in place and prevent the belt from rolling.
  • Constructed of a multi-layered laminate with a cotton/nylon lining.

₹ 899  Check PricePrice incl. tax, excl. shipping SALEBESTSELLER NO. 2 44 Reviews Arkmiido Women’s Cotton and Polyester Maternity Supports Elastic Postpartum Abdomen Recovery Belt Suitable for 58-73 kg (White,Large)

  • MADE WITH THE FINEST MATERIAL – Suitable for 58–73 kg Women Adjustable and stretchy fabric that is so comfortable you can wear it
  • COMFORTABLE FOR YOUR SKIN – Lumbar Supports;Back Braces…Notice: choice the bigger size than ususally you wear
  • MAKE YOUR WEIGHT LOSS – This waist trimmer is the best Belt for your abs. It is perfect for all kinds of Work Out, whether you want to go for a Run, a Walk, do Yoga or go Cycling you can now maximize your…

₹ 830  Check PricePrice incl. tax, excl. shipping SALEBESTSELLER NO. 3 838 Reviews Tynor Abdominal Support 9 For Post Operative/ Post Pregnancy – Medium (32-36 inches)

  • Compression belt to support the abdomen and compress the abdominal muscles
  • Applications – Tummy trimmer, Post operative care, Post delivery, umbilical and ventral hernia and bind surgical incisions
  • Pleasant aesthetics

₹ 380  Check PricePrice incl. tax, excl. shipping SALEBESTSELLER NO. 4 26 Reviews Jern Pregnant Tocolytic Fetus Waist Support Belt Pregnancy Abdominal Supporter Maternity Waistband Prenatal Care Cummerbund Girdle (Beige)

  • Material – surface 100 percent polyester, inside 100 percent cotton
  • Belt dimension – belt length – 164 cm, suitable for waist size of 80 cm – 120 cm
  • Abdominal covering area of the belt – 47 cm x 18 cm

₹ 649  Check PricePrice incl. tax, excl. shipping SALEBESTSELLER NO. 5 19 Reviews NUCARTURE Adjustable Slimming Postpartum Recovery Waist Tummy Pregnancy Belt and Body Shaper Hip Cincher Abdominal Binder Support Waist (80-110cm).FREE SIZE

  • Material Main body:Polyester Trim:Velcro , Color:Beige.Size:19×7.9×0.12 inch,48×20×0.3cm(length×width×thickness),fits for waistline 31.5-43.4 inch(80-110 cm) Weight:0.3kg
  • Function:Effectively tighten and flatten your postpartum belly and recovery your pelvis
  • Features: <1> Comfortable to wear,fine texture,high elasticity .Apply to:postpartum support,slimming shaping women,

₹ 889  Check PricePrice incl. tax, excl. shipping SALEBESTSELLER NO. 6 104 Reviews Wonder Care Elastic Abdominal Belt Binder After C-Section Delivery for Women (Medium)

  • Light weight and thin construction, does not peep through the clothes improves patient compliance
  • Post surgery abdominal binder – this postoperative stomach belt can be used for C-section recovery and medical support of the internal organs after tummy tuck hernia and kidney operations
  • Abdomen muscles support – this breathable waist binder can be used as abdominal slimmer or compress stomach belt and worn by men and women for stomach muscle tightening

₹ 429  Check PricePrice incl. tax, excl. shipping SALEBESTSELLER NO. 7 46 Reviews Mommy Cuddle Pregnancy Support Waist, Back and Abdomen Band, Belly Brace Maternity Belt (White, L)

  • But how does a belt help? Mommy Cuddle’s pregnancy support belt is designed to support the lower back and abdomen during pregnancy, which results in decreased pain overall. Ever go for a run without a…
  • Features: BREATHABLE fabric constructed of a multi-layered laminate with an ELASTIC lining. Four elastic side panels add compression, breathability and supports holding the belt in place and prevents the…
  • Please see the images on instructions on how to wear and refer the sizing guide to choose the right size of your Mommy Cuddle Maternity Support Belt. Also, exchanges are returns are completely free so…

₹ 799  Check PricePrice incl. tax, excl. shipping SALEBESTSELLER NO. 8 79 Reviews Baby Bucket Corset Belt (Set of 3) / Slimming/Waist Trimming/Postpartum Abdomen Shaper Belt/Strap Breathable (Pink XXL 38″-43″ Inches)

  • Belly Belt Shrink Stomach prevent sagging organs, Waist Belt: Flat Belly & Slim Waist Promote untcrine contractions Excluding lochia, Pelvis Belt Correct PelivsPosition.
  • 3 Belts in 1 set fulfilled all the needs throughout your postpartum healing process. Breathable & Comfortable Material High Quality lightweight fabric Waist Trainer Cincher for women. This postpartum belly…
  • Essentials for postpartum recovery helps you get your body back to its former post childbirth. This postpartum belly band helps reduce swelling. support core abdominal muscles and return uterus to its…

₹ 1,395  Check PricePrice incl. tax, excl. shipping SALEBESTSELLER NO. 9 26 Reviews Medtrix Abdominal Belt Waist Support Tummy Trimmer Post Pregnancy Back Support Binder Premium quality Beige (Medium (32 cm – 36 cm))

  • Abdominal support belt supports and compresses the abdominal muscles for waist line reduction and is used as a post operative or post delivery aid
  • Recommended after surgery or after delivery to support abdominal region
  • It is also used as back support or post-operative belt

₹ 290  Check PricePrice incl. tax, excl. shipping SALEBESTSELLER NO. 10 22 Reviews OBLIQ 10″ Abdomen Support Belt for Post Pregnancy, Tummy/Waist Trimmer, Weight Loss Binder for Men/Women Black

  • WAIST TRAINER TRAINING TRIMMER BELT: Made of comfortable & adjustable & stretchy fabric, Flexible and durable, 100% Latex-Free Neoprene Stretchy Comfortable Finest Fabric, which means it is easy to clean,…
  • WEIGHT LOSS BELT: Our trimmer belt is made of Neoprene & polyester which help the waist trimmer belt to be more flexible adding for the wearer. The slimming belt does not stab or jab like some other…
  • DESIGN OF TUMMY TRIMMER BELT: Wide enough to cover the stomach area and stay put during exercise; thick enough to produce the heat and burn the fat, move the cellulite and expel toxins. Our tummy trimmer…

₹ 699  Check PricePrice incl. tax, excl. shipping

Everything you Wanted to Know about Post-Maternity Belts

But before you decide to buy one of the best post pregnancy belts to tighten your abdominal muscles, you must be wondering if they help. Let’s answer these questions.

How does Post Maternity Belt works?

What the girdle will do is help your uterus and tummy shrink back to their original size or to an even smaller size. Being pregnant stretches the skin around your tummy and this may take time to get back to normal.

The Ab belt significantly reduces this length of time and helps you achieve the shape you want at a faster rate.

You do not have to hate your body after pregnancy anymore because this girdle will get you back to where you want to be. It supports and aligns your abdomen and other internal organs until they are able to do their job again.

It also helps with loose and floppy skin and provides a light compression that makes your uterus shrink back into place. The end result is always a much more confident woman who is proud of being a mom and their great body.

If you have had a caesarian section, the girdle will help you as well, so do not fear because of the stitches.

Do Post Pregnancy Belts Help Reduce The Tummy?

Most women feel that post-pregnancy girdles do help in tightening the tummy to some extent. To get that flat tummy you still need to work out. Wearing a sash helps the enlarged uterus and other muscles settle back in your belly at their respective places by shrinking in size. Sometimes the abdomen shrinks to its original size giving you a decent tummy in no time.

Abdominal belts also help the hips to shrink giving you a much slimmer look. They support your abdominal muscles, assist in your posture and prevents loose skin from spreading and significantly. It aids your back that requires additional support and prevents conditions like back pain, scoliosis, and spinal curvature.

If you have had a C-section delivery, wearing a slimming belt after pregnancy helps in limiting the movement of sensitive tissues, holds the stitches in place and relive the swelling of the abdomen as a whole thus making it faster to heal.

Most importantly, wearing a post-pregnancy abdominal belt also boosts the confidence of a new mother who is struggling with her new roles and her body.

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